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Advani & Co. has been awarded the best dispute resolution firm 2013

The Indian Business Law Journal | February 19, 2014

Advani & Co. has been awarded the best dispute resolution firm 2013 by the February 2014 issue of The Indian Business Law Journal. The award is following a survey with in-house counsels with India’s top corporate organisations and notes Advani’s as, standing out for its expertise in dispute resolution. Further details are available in the issue of the Indian Business Law Journal 

Impact on Arbitrations in India from the Supreme Court’s decision in Bharat Aluminium

Business India | September 30, 2012

Hiroo Advani, founder and senior partner of Advani & Co., and president, The Arbitration Bar, is enthusiastic about the Supreme Court’s latest decision in Bharat Aluminum, which aligns India with the global view on offshore arbitrations. He talks to Soneera Sanghvi about the challenges facing arbitration in India and what can be done to remedy the situation.

Features : Mr. Hiroo Advani

Free Speech | Virtual empowerment

Mint | November 05, 2012

The article which discusses the legitimate boundaries of speech, more specifically speech on the internet examines the legal regime in India which regulates it and whether it leads to censorship.


Features : Mr. Apar Gupta

The Lawyer Monthly Awards 2012

The Lawyer Monthly | October 13, 2012

Advani & Co. has been selected as the Indian Dispute Resolution Law Firm by the Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2012. The award recognizes the firms work in recent months in high value domestic and international arbitrations. To browse the complete awards issue of the Lawyer Monthly 

Highlights: Advani and Co. 

Apple vs Samsung Patent Battle

CNBC TV18 | October 13, 2012

A discussion on the possibility of a Apple v. Samsung style patent litigation in India

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

SC Overrules Bhatia... Prospectively!

CNBC TV18 | The Firm | | September 07, 2012

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court overruled the 2002 Bhatia International order that gave Indian courts jurisdiction over arbitral awards seated outside of India. CNBC TV18's Payaswini Upadhyay gets quick reactions from experts on the implications of this order 

Highlights: Mr. Hiroo Advani 

Government to hold talks with stakeholders on Internet censorship

The Hindu | September 04, 2012

In an unprecedented move, the government, through the Department of Telecommunications and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, has agreed to initiate dialogue on Internet censorship with mega Internet companies, social media giants such as Google and Facebook, members of civil society, technical community, media, ISPs and legal experts. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

The World of Arbitration

Business World Cover Story | September 03, 2012

The business world magazine running a cover story on arbitrations in India discusses their efficacy with Mr. Hiroo Advani.

Highlights: Mr. Hiroo Advani 

Zuari Cement agrees to make lump-sum payment to settle dispute with L&T

The Economic Times | August 27, 2012

Zuari Cement, a subsidiary of Italian cement major Italcementi Group, has agreed to make a lump-sum payment to settle an acrimonious dispute with engineering and construction company Larsen and Toubro (L&T) over unpaid bills 

Highlights: Mr. Shashank Garg 

New Delhi Expands Curbs on Web Content

The Wall Street Journal | August 23, 2012

India on Thursday broadened recent efforts to regulate the Internet with moves to block Twitter accounts of some prominent journalists and content from mainstream news organizations, sparking a backlash across social media in the country. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

India blocks more than 250 Web sites for inciting hate, panic

The Washington Post | August 20, 2012

India blocked about 250 Web sites and social networking sites Monday, accusing them of spreading inflammatory content that triggered panic among thousands of workers and students from the country’s eight northeastern states last week. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Legally in India

CNBC - The Firm | July 16, 2012

A discussion on the practice of fly in and fly out advise rendered by foreign lawyers in India which has been commented on by the Indian Supreme Court in Lawyers Collective v. The Bar Council Case 

Highlights: Mr. Hiroo Advani 

L&T files for arbitration against Zuari CementFinancial Express

Financial Express | July 04, 2012

ndia’s largest diversified engineering and construction company Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has filed for arbitration proceedings against cement maker Zuari Cement, a fully-owned subsidiary of Italian cement major Italcementi Group, to claim Rs. 188.53 crore in unpaid bills and payment delays. 

Highlights: Advani and Co. 

No need to block entire websites, Madras HC tells ISPs

DNA: Daily News and Analysis | June 21, 2012

There is some relief for netizens who found popular torrent websites and other online services like Vimeo blocked by their internet service providers (ISPs) following a so-called John Doe order from the Madras high court. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Net Loss

The Telegraph | June 06, 2012

Unless the IT Act is amended and the definition of ‘offensive’ online content clearly set out, attempts to gag the Internet w ill continue in our country, argues Abimanyu Nagarajan. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Attempts to censor the web illadvised'

Times of India | June 03, 2012

Amid concerted government attempts to censor the internet and the recent blocking of file-sharing websites due to a court order based on a petition by producers of a Tamil film… 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Why this blocking di?

DNA: Daily News and Analysis | May 27, 2012

In a bid to curb piracy, film producers are now approaching courts to b lock web sites that host pirated content. But the court orders are so vaguely worded that users lose access to even legitimate content.

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Delhi High Court Directs Google To Remove Defamatory Content Against Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Medianama | May 11, 2012

Following the Nirmal Baba order, where the Delhi High Court, had made explicit reference to the IT Rules, and had relied heavily on the 36 hour takedown timeline, another instance of the Court citing the IT Rules to direct an intermediary for content removal has emerged - The Delhi High Court in an interim order passed on 9th May 2012, has directed Google, to remove derogatory content against spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

India Court Adjourns Google-Facebook Case Until August

Wall Street Journal | May 03, 2012

Delhi High Court adjourned until Aug. 7 its hearing of a petition by Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. to terminate criminal proceedings against them for allegedly hosting objectionable material on their sites. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Singhvi CD scandal raises concerns regarding Right to Privacy, Regulation of Social Media: Expert Views

Bar and Bench | April 27, 2012

Video clippings allegedly featuring Senior Advocate and former Congress Spokesperson, Abhishek Manu Singhvi has quite literally been all over the internet. Although Singhvi was quick in securing an ex parte injunction from the Delhi High Court against three media houses who were in possession of the CD, by then the damage had already been done with the video going viral on the internet.

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Private sector censors

Mint | April 25, 2012

If business decides what's 'good' and 'bad' speech, it can lead to multiple interpretations and arbitrary decisions 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Data protection experts slam state for sending mass SMSes

The Statesman | March 25, 2012

Experts in the field of data protection, privacy law and media have criticised the West Bengal government's mass SMS sent to individuals, companies and media houses through private mobile networks last Friday. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

India's Techies Angered Over Internet Censorship Plan

National Public Radio | March 21, 2012

Commenting upon the pre-censorship of material posted over the internet, Mr. Apar Gupta suggested that it might be problematic for the like of Google to monitor political speech. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

'Incord' begins with discussion on internet censorship

The Times Of India | March 04, 2012

Mr. Apar Gupta delivered a lecture on SOPA at Incord, the annual technical festival of computer sciences. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Indian law caught in web

Down to Earth | February 02, 2012

While highlighting upon the intended purposes of the IT Rules, Mr. Apar Gupta observed that the purpose behind the rules was to attend to the procedural aspect and to define the terms in the Act. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Privacy concerns grow in India

The Washington Post | February 13, 2012

The Washington Post quoted Mr. Apar Gupta on the shift in privacy concerns in India. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Tiptoeing around the privacy line

The Financial Express | February 02, 2012

An Article by Mr. Apar Gupta suggesting alternative to change of privacy policy by Google, in Google's act of discarding 60 of its privacy policies, by making them more accessible and comprehensible. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Is it Illegal to Read the Satanic Verses?

The Wall Street Journal | January 23, 2012

The Wall Street Journal quoted Mr. Apar Gupta on the reading of readings of banned publications. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Fears over regulation linger

The Hindu | January 12, 2012

The Hindu cited a post by Mr. Apar Gupta on significance of stakeholders in matter concerning prescreening of material on the internet. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Free Speech | Virtual empowerment

Free Speech | Virtual empowerment | November 05, 2012

The article which discusses the legitimate boundaries of speech, more specifically speech on the internet examines the legal regime in India which regulates it and whether it leads to censorship.


Features : Mr. Apar Gupta

Indian Government v Social Networking sites: Expert Views

Bar & Bench News Network | December 08, 2011

In the Telecom Minister's move to require internet companies to prescreen content, bar & Bench sought the opinion of Mr. Apar Gupta on the matter and the legal framework within which it will operate. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

High Court Admits Petition on Centaur Hotel Deal

The Economic Times, Mumbai | September 09, 2011

In challenge of the arbitration award in Centaur Hotel Deal case, the ET quotes Mr. Hiroo Advani argument that there existed concrete grounds on the basis of which termination of agreement was granted. 

Highlights: Mr. Hiroo Advani 

Book Review: Commentary on Information Technology Act by Apar Gupta (2nd Edition 2011 - Lexis Nexis)

Bar & Bench News Network | August 08, 2011

Bench & Bar conducts book review of Commentary on Information Technology Act Authored by Apar Gupta, advocate at Advani & Co. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Visa lawsuit: Infosys requests court for arbitration

Business Standard | June 11, 2011

Business Standard refers to Mr. Apar Gupta on the Infosys B1 visa misuse case observed the efficacy of arbitration procedures. 

Highlights: Mr. Apar Gupta 

Advani & Co. ties up with New York based law firm, Moses and Singer

Bar & Bench News Network | July 06, 2011

Mumbai based law firm Advani & Co. signs a best friend practice agreement to share expertise for the benefit of multi-jurisdictional clients with New York based law firm Moses and Singer. 

Highlights: Mr. Hiroo Advani, Mr. Animesh Sinha, Mr. Apar Gupta, Mr. Shashank Garg 

Azim Premji makes Rs 8,846 crore gift

Livemint ( | December 01, 2010

Livemint addressed Mr. Hiroo Advani commented in the transfer of share by Mr. Azim Premji as a charitable gift. 

Highlights: Mr. Hiroo Advani 

Rida's family seeks Rs. 5 Cr compensation

The Indian Express | November 12, 2009

The Indian Express quoted Mr. Asif Lampwala on admission of Petition in Rida Sheikh case. 

Highlights: Mr. Asif Lampwala 

Rida's family seeks Rs. 5 Cr compensation

The Economic Times | August 08, 2009

Mr. Asif Lampwala informed he press that legal notice has been sent against the two private hospitals accused of negligence causing Rida's death. 

Highlights: Mr. Asif Lampwala

A case of gross negligence, alleges victim's family

The Hindu | August 05, 2009

The Hindu quoted Mr. Asif Lampwala imputing charges of negligence on health authorities in Reeda's Case. 

Highlights: Mr. Asif Lampwala 

Victim's family to sue hospital, health dept asks police to register criminal case

The Economic Times, Mumbai | August 08, 2009

In a claim for negligence brought against private hospitals of Mumbai responsible for death of Rida, the ET quoted Mr. Asif stressing upon initiation civil and criminal proceedings. 

Highlights: Mr. Asif Lampwala

Controversy surrounds the first victim of swine flu in India

Asia News ( | May 08, 2009

Asia News observed Mr. Asif charge on the health authorities for negligence, responsible for the critical condition of the patient. 

Highlights: Mr. Asif Lampwala 

Advisers did all the Talking till March face-saver

The Economic Times, Mumbai | April 14, 2007

The Economic Times cited Mr. Hiroo Advani observation on the weak position of Jet Airways in arbitration proceedings against Sahara Airlines. 

Highlights: Mr. Hiroo Advani 

JET-SAHARA Legal Tussle's Set to Escalate

The Economic Times, Mumbai | July 03, 2007

The Economic Times quoted Mr. Hiroo on the opinion expressed in the Jet Sahara arbitration matter. 

Highlights: Mr. Hiroo Advani 

Yes Bank's Ex-promoter wins award against Rabo Bank

The Times of India, Mumbai | March 15, 2005

The TOI referred to Mr. Hiroo Advani to confirm the arbitral award to Harkirat, his client. 

Highlights: Mr. Hiroo Advani

Kale to face hearing over bribery allegation

ABC News | May 12, 2003

The ABC News highlighted Mr. Lampwala’s talk with the Reuters on charges made against Abhijit Kale. 

Highlights: Mr. Asif Lampwala 

City court quashes Kale's suspension

The Times Of India | November 29, 2003

The TOI cited Mr. Asif on the Board’s decision to file an appeal against the verdict of quashing Kale's suspension.

Highlights: Mr. Asif Lampwala